The Big Three to Success

Here’s how my life used to look.

Sunday – Planning is all it takes to have a great week.

Monday – Every goal will be finished by Friday!

Tuesday – Thursday – business as usual

Friday – Where did the week go and what was I going to accomplish?a

Then I found a few nifty tricks that makes Friday a celebration day rather than a bewilderment day.  First, I take the goals I have for the year and break them into quarterly goals.  Michael Hyatt’s theory is that 90 days is really as far as our brain can project.  Then I take those quarterly goals and make weekly milestones so I know that I’m progressing in the right direction.   See this blog post on a better way to set Big Hairy Audacious Goals that you actually can’t wait to accomplish!

The second nifty trick is to decide, in the morning, what are the Big Three for the day.  Now normally I would think Big Three means three meals, but in this case it means the three things I need to accomplish in that day to move my goal forward.

Here’s what makes this trick work:  I. Write. Them. Down.

I have a planner, because well………planners.  So I write down my Big Three down in my planner.  But if you’re not a paper planner person, what options are available to you?  You can write them on post-it notes and stick them to your computer.  You can schedule them into your electronic calendar as appointments and keep them that way, or add them to a task system on your phone or computer (personally this doesn’t work for me because I think they need to be front and center so you don’t forget them).  Or you can just jot them on a paper that you can keep track of all the crap in your head.  Here’s a link to one that I’ve created.

This is a really great system to make sure that your most important tasks get completed (or at least looked at) each day.


But what really makes a system work is the third nifty trick;  the feedback loop, where you compare what you wanted to accomplish with what you actually accomplished.  And that happens with a weekly review.  Mine consists of the following:

  • Celebrate my biggest wins from the previous week.
  • Review my not-so-wins.
  • Evaluate the lessons I learned from the not-so-wins and the wins.
  • Review whether I accomplished progress towards my goals.
  • Turn this into the plan for the next week.

These simple tasks don’t take long.  But they do take practice and they do take discipline.  I’m a writer-downer, so I do a weekly review in my planner, but before I had a planner that worked for this, I wrote down both my plans for the upcoming week and the review of the prior week.  This is good if you’re a Jim Rohn fan where you like to review your life weekly, monthly, and annually.

The best time to start is right where you are.  Download our weekly planning and review sheets, and start slaying those dragons.  Goals, I mean goals.

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