Burnouts Belong On Pavement

Remember the first time you opened your very own company’s doors? Those feelings of excitement, hope, ambition, and the sweet smell of success ahead?

Is your business where you thought it would be? Or have those feelings been replaced with frustration, fear, doubt, and broken dreams aka business burnout?

Some business owners will choose to continue to drive down the path of broken dreams, making their life a living hell with persistent angst and fear of failure as their traveling companions.

Yin Yang Concept

Work and Life are Overlapping Circles

I know you haven’t come here for philosophical findings on life, but I can tell you one thing…the yin yang concept relates to work and life. Balance is everything. Unhappiness in work leads to unhappiness in life. In turn, joy in work will magnify joy in life.

While I’m no therapist, I certainly can counsel you financially to balance your business stress levels to create more happiness. I help business owners reclaim ownership of their life and livelihood – reliving the same joy they felt the first day they opened their doors every day, the way running a business should feel!

Let’s Repave Your Path with a
Smoother Success Story

By challenging previous paths and stories and reworking them into a far happier ending together, business owners will have assurance that the new path they are traveling leads them to the pot at the end of their rainbow. The path we pave together will be smooth. We’ll fill past potholes with joy, love, humor, enthusiasm, and fun, of course!

Using best practices, we will challenge systems together, design new tools, investigate inefficiencies, and explore the stories that keep them stuck. Because predictable cash flow is a stepping stone to ease and peace of mind, I also provide bookkeeping, payroll, and tax returns.

Profit Plus Course Outline

If you’re kind, generous, accepting, open to ideas, committed to success, a lifelong learner, and value connection more than money as a business owner – we’ll make a perfect pair. Let’s get started with Profit Plus.

Throughout this 8-week, online course, you’ll have access to my live and archived weekly videos, and lifetime access to the course. Is it for you? Check out the course outline and let’s start filling those past bumpy potholes in!

Module 1 – Start at the Beginning
Module 2 – What Do You Want?
Module 3 – Profit First Basics
Module 4 – Your Money Story
Module 5 – Keeping the Momentum
Module 6 – Make your money work for you
Module 7 – Here’s the PLUS
Module 8 – Taking You to the Next Level

Let’s Get Started!

ATTENTION, SKIMMERS! Here’s what you missed!

Profit Plus is an 8-week online course that is a small, worthwhile investment to turn your business financial doubt upside down. I’m no dermatologist, but you may even stave off wrinkles from less business stress and more happiness! Contact me for questions.

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