Let’s Talk Lunch

It’s no secret that the On a Ledger team is made up of “foodies”. We just recently moved to an office in the heart of Old Town and we’re excited for the great food options so close by! Here are some of our favorite spots to grab lunch:


1. River City Brewing Co.

Not only does RCB have delicious brews, they have a great menu, too!


2. Public at The Brickyard

Attached to Brickyard, Public at the Brickyard has great food and drink options from local farmers and brewers.


3. Larkspur Bistro & Bar

Great atmosphere and unique blend of international cuisines!


4. Nortons Brewing Company

Such a fun spot with yummy brews and food!


5. Tanya’s Soup Kitchen

It wouldn’t be a list of our favorite lunch spots without Tanya’s! You have to check out the Tomato Curry on Friday’s. Basically, we’re obsessed.


What’s your favorite restaurant in Old Town? Let us know and we’ll grab lunch together!


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