Importance of Getting to Know Clients as a CPA

Getting to know your client in the world of accounting is more important than you might think. Keep reading to learn why getting to know our clients is so important to us.


Earn Trust

Earning a clients trust is the first, and most important, aspect of getting to know them. Once trust is earned, clients feel more comfortable sharing information. The information they share will allow us to better understand them and how my services can benefit them.


Understand Your “Why”

Another benefit of getting to know our clients is getting a better understanding of their “why”. Your “why” is the reason you’re driven to succeed and reach your goals. For example, mine is my family! When we understand our client’s “why”, we can begin to lay out what steps they need to take to accomplish this.


Establish Needs

Once we understand their goals and what drives them, it is easier to establish what steps need to be taken to ensure they succeed. A client’s needs in their business are essential when determining what will help them grow their business. It also plays a huge role in developing a financial plan tailored to each individual client.


Build a Relationship

Lastly, it is important to get to know your clients to build a long-lasting relationship. They begin to see we’re a person, just like them and in turn, they do the same. Once that relationship is built, we offer our support and encouragement along with our services. The client feels as though we are an asset to their team and we’re cheering them on!


We want to see our clients grow. Not just in numbers, but as people and friends. That’s why getting to know our clients is so important to us. To schedule a consultation with us, click here.

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