Be like Buffett: Crushing Goals the 5/25 Way

Have I mentioned how much I love Warren Buffett? Just in case you might not know who he is, and why I love him, here are a few fun facts about him:
  • He’s lived in the same house he bought in Omaha in 1958. Since 1958. How cool is that?
  • More than 94% of his wealth came after he turned 60. This gives me great hope
  • He loves to read. A bookish fellow is irresistible
  • He plays the ukulele. Need I say more?
  • He’s generous beyond belief.

Last weekend I found myself scrolling aimlessly through YouTube, as I’m prone to do on weekends. I search one thing and, well, you know the drill. Anyway, I stumbled upon a video about Warren Buffett’s 5/25 Rule. All I had to hear was “Warren Buffett” and I was hooked.

The 5/25 Rule

Well the story goes that one day, W.B. was jetting around doing W.B. things and had a conversation with his pilot, Flint. Buffett told Flint that if he were a good boss, Flint would have moved on to bigger things.

Buffett asked Flint what his big life goals were and asked him to write down his top 25. Once he compiled his list, Buffett asked him to circle his top five goals – those that were the most important for him to accomplish. After Flint circled his five, Buffet asked him whether he was sure those were the absolute top priority, and Flint assured him they were. Flint was so excited about these goals, he vowed to begin working on them immediately. He said he would work on the other 20 intermittently – when he wasn’t working on something related to the top five.

This is where it gets good. Buffet stared into Flint’s eyes and said, “No. Those 20 items are now on your “avoid at all cost” list. NO MATTER WHAT. Those items get NO attention from you until you’ve succeeded with your top five.”

Three simple steps: Write, Circle, Delete. It simplifies everything. No more spreading yourself thin to accomplish a laundry list of goals. The 5/25 rule allows one to take charge of their goals and have selective focus. I’ve implemented this rule in my daily life and I feel such a sense of relief. 

Try using the 5/25 rule today and crush your goals!

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