6 Ways to Protect Your Personal Information

Let’s face it, my friends. In this day and age, there’s almost no way to completely avoid mixing information and technology. There are, in fact, ways to keep your information safe and avoid scams. As someone who deals with extremely sensitive information, I am passionate about keeping my clients safe.

Here are six tips to protect your personal information:


1. Encrypt, encrypt, encrypt 

Most document softwares can now encrypt your documents for you. PDF’s are great because there is an option to password protect them. Don’t forget to encrypt before saving!

2. Secure it

Please, please, please make sure your computer has an antivirus software installed (or make sure it’s renewed). Most protect against many different viruses to ensure you’re covered! They are sometimes pricy, but very much worth it.

3. No, “password” won’t work

Sorry to break it to you, but using “password” just won’t cut it anymore. Basically, if your password looks like the back of a WIFI modem, you’re on the right track.

4. Guard it with your life

After selecting a password that resembles one of an impossible WIFI access code, make sure you’re not giving it out!

5. Out with the old

Once you’ve completed clients work, if you do not need the data, toss it! The more information you have stored, the more information a hacker could obtain.

6. Don’t fall prey

We’ve all received *that* email. The one where “iTunes” says they do not have the correct information on file and need you to update right away. Most of the time, it’s a hacker performing an elaborate phishing scam. Report them as spam and ignore them!


What tips do you have for protecting your personal information? Comment below!


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