Meet Your Mixologist: Tena Mason

Tena Mason, Owner of On a Ledger, is dedicated to responsibly helping her clients achieve future financial goals – without overserving you with accounting headaches.

Tena worked for years in both public accounting and in the private industry…but she soon realized she wanted more of a focus on the success of her individual clients. Starting On a Ledger gave Tena the freedom to mix up her own client cocktails to financial success.

She sets herself apart from other CPAs, strategically mixing perfect parts of financial planning, accounting, and tax services with fun and pours them into a refreshing glass of financial freedom. Cheers to sipping on success!

Are Your Assets Dehydrated? Number Crunch Responsibly.

Friends don’t let friends do their own taxes. Just the thought of number-crunching and doing taxes on your own can overserve you with stress and result in dangerous accounting results.

On a Ledger provides business planning and consulting, accounting, cash flow management, and individual as well as small business tax services. We can take the wheel and together, we’ll drive your assets and accounts safely in the right direction, leading you on a safer path to financial success.

CPA Services

CPA Services

We offer a full range of accounting services and in a variety of packages, ala carte options, and price ranges crafted just for your budget.

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Accounting Question?

Accounting Question?

Taxes, accounting, and number crunching can be confusing. You have a business to run. Have a question for Tena? Submit it here!

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CPA Tidbits

CPA Tidbits

Not only do we provide free consultations, Tena is also happy to dish out helpful financial factoids and expertise tips.

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