Meet Your Professor: Tena Mason

Meet Your Professor: Tena Mason

On a Ledger is located in bustling downtown Wichita, KS, at the historic Orpheum Theater building and owned by Tena Mason. After she spent three years in public accounting as well as time working in the private industry, Tena set her sights to focus on each of her client’s success. She realized she could better do this being self-employed and started On a Ledger. Tena soon found she could target and attain client success through using a strategy called “Profit First,” and soon set herself apart from the rest as a certified Profit First Professional on top of offering traditional CPA services.

How We Can Help Grow Your Business

Now that you have an understanding of who we are, let us show you how we can help. On a Ledger provides business planning and consulting, accounting, cash flow management and tax services for both personal and small business needs. We use a variety of educational tools to get you on the path to reaching your financial destination. Let’s plant the seed together and watch your financial goals sprout into financial fruition. Here are some financial “gardening” tools we’ll use to help get you there:

CPA Services

CPA Services

We offer a full range of accounting services in different package options and price ranges, tailored to your business needs.

Our Services
Road Map

Road Map

The Profit First Road Map is a tool that helps organize your business expenses correctly, guiding you on the right path to quicker profit.

Profit First Road Map
CPA Tidbits

CPA Tidbits

Not only do we provide free consultations, Tena is also happy to dish out helpful financial factoids and expertise tips.

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What Our Clients Say

What is Profit First?

Learn more about the our strategy by enjoying the first 5 chapters of Profit First on us!

Profit First Professionals

Profit First Professionals

Taming The Beast

I am Dr. Frankenstein.
Okay, not the Dr. Frankenstein, but I am definitely part of the family. I’m probably his long lost twin brother, or something. Or
maybe an estranged heir to his (mis)fortune. Maybe you are, too.
If you read Mary Shelley’s classic, Frankenstein, you know exactly what I’m talking about. e good doctor reanimated life. From mismatched body parts, he stitched together a living being more monster than man…

How Profit First Works

It’s funny how losing nearly all of your money can cause you to watch a lot of late-night network TV. What? Before you side-eye me, this was right a er I lost all of my money to my own arrogance, so cable TV was the first thing to go. Insomnia brought about by anxiety does not equal better quality sleep, so that pretty much le me with two options: Stare at the ceiling or watch late-night network TV, courtesy of my twelve-dollar, indoor rabbit-ear antenna…

The Naked Truth

It’s inevitable. Whenever two or more entrepreneurs are gathered together, one of them will ask the “How big is it?” question. It’s always some version of the same—“How big is your business?” It might sound like, “How many employees do you have?” Or, “How many territories do you cover?” Or, if you’re one of those straight-to-the- point types (like a few of my classmates at the high school reunion), you might even be so bold as to ask, “How much did you take in last year?”

Choose Your Own Adventure

When I was a kid, I loved reading Choose Your Own Adventure books (and quite frankly, I’ll still dig into an R.A. Montgomery book if it crosses my path). You know, the interactive books with a message at the end of each chapter that says something like: “If you want to take the path through the woods, turn to page 51. If you want to take the boat, turn to page 80.”
Here’s your chance to relive a part of your childhood—you get to choose which Profit First adventure you want to have next…

Day One, Quarter One, Year One and Forever

Profit First works. Period. Whether you use the percentages I provided for you in the Instant Assessment or choose the path of assessing all the nuances of your business and industry (see Chapter 4) and arrive at your own perfect allocation percentages, it will work. How can it work with different percentages, you ask? Because your Target Allocation Percentages (TAPs) for your Profit, Owner’s Pay and Tax Accounts are simply targets…

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